Thank you for your interest in adopting an animal from our rescue!  Our primary mission is to locate a safe and secure home that is a fit for both the animal and the new owner.  We consider ourselves merely the bridge from loving animal to loving caretaker.

Our focus is finding a compatible match between animal and owner.  Like people, each animal is a unique "individual" with special needs.  Some animals are happy being couch potatoes, while others may demand more physical activity.  Our goal is to pair an animal with a personality and demeanor that will fit into your lifestyle.

Since most of our animals have had some kind of trauma in the past we are very conscientious about their future homes.  They've beaten the odds at least once, we don't want them to have to do so again.  To begin the adoption process you must complete the adoption questionnaire. This helps us learn more about your lifestyle so we can find the animal most suited for you.  Please be aware that we typically request a home visit before placement.  We charge a minimal adoption fee, which helps the rescue re-coop some of the costs involved in the care of the animal.  You may also make an additional donation above the cost of the adoption if you choose.

If at anytime in the future if you become unable to keep the animal for any reason we require that you return the animal to Real Rescue so that it can be placed into a new home.

To begin the matching process please fill out our adoption application.

If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can download it here.