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ANIMALS AT RRI – from Chris – from the Archives Aug 2009

This from various writings from Chris… “We have rescued all kinds of animals and even have a rescued iguana and exotic birds too… and guinea pigs and rabbits and goats and pigs and even keep rescued emus for our vet now… and we help anyone and everyone including people who need help with a dog they cannot keep or just found on the street and did not want to take to the pound, and a lot of older deaf and blind dogs and a lot of crazy looking or mangy puppies and dogs, or crippled animals including a crippled cat… and dogs with cancer who are not ready to die yet, and older or younger dogs and cats with people who are dying or died and want to save their pets from the pound. The need is over whelming. I never knew on a daily basis what a crisis it was, and that is why getting into the rescue business remains so compelling every day. I heard today that 14,000 people a day lose their health coverage from lost jobs. It is staggering and it is kind of how I feel with the animals… thousands need us everyday, and we can only reach a few of those in need.”

“We have one horse still with me. Lucy has bad feet and I cannot ride her, but I saved her and that makes me glad. The vet gave her a 10% chance in 1990 so she beat his odds by far.”

“I figure we have about 180 dogs at any given time and 75 cats and 22 pigs and 3 goats and one iguana and one horse rescued” (and currently at the shelter).