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CALLING THE DOGS – from Chris – from the archives December 2009

Seven years into caring for dogs, I have found a couple of interesting things that might be helpful to others. I cannot remember most of them until I am in the middle of my need for them so I cannot write about those in the comfort of my office. However a couple always come to mind.
The first is the incredible response of most all dogs to the word “Here.” If I call a dog to come or go a certain direction, they always respond better if I use the word, “”.in succession…instead of any other word. I think the word is very clear and distinct sounding to a dog’s hearing. At any rate I can usually get them to respond or come or whatever if I use that word.

The second thing of interest is about “calling“ deaf dogs. We have several blind or deaf dogs and one blind and deaf dog. We have found that white dogs of any breed or mix are more often deaf than other colors. But I had to have a way to get them in the house without calling for them. One evening after dark, I accidentally discovered that a deaf dog will come to dinner and learn to come easily by blinking the porch light off and on. I began doing this routinely and the learn time was about two days.

And surprisingly all the other dogs in the group that can hear also picked up on it. Now all I have to do to call the group in, is blink the porch light, and voila the crew descends upon me. Kind of nice when the neighbors are asleep. ~ Chris