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EARLY MORNING BLOG – from Chris – from the archives- March 2010

It is probably a good rule of thumb I heard not to blog before 8 am. But what about blogging about things that happened before 8 am after 8 am? (A mind is a terrible thing to waste but it does not seem so with questions on it like this.)

Well my mind is caught up in a 4:30 am event that happened today. I got up to do the animals I try to clean and feed before I go to work and to go to Moore, Oklahoma to get the dog food donations at Crest and still have time to get my 50 cent coffee at McDonalds for seniors like me. That is kind of my reward for making it to work on time… for a change.

But at 4:30 as I stumbled out of bed to find my clothes and shoes in the front bedroom where our dog Sophie is staying, I saw her laying on her bed sound asleep. I woke her by my actions. Ever been awakened at 4:30 am? I can think of a few choice words. But as I sat in a chair in there to put on my shoes, Sophie raised herself up to come over to me whining in that loving way and placing her head under my hand to be petted. She wanted to tell me how much she cared and to show me some love and attention even at that wee hour. Sophie is a rottie mix an elderly couple rescued under a bridge in Midwest City because school kids were taunting her and throwing rocks at her on their way home from school. She is about twelve now and quite arthritic and it is not easy for her to get up and come over like that in the wee hours. I said to myself. It is no wonder that people love dogs like they do. They have such caring and forgiving natures. They find the best in whatever situation is presented to them, and give of themselves without question or hesitation if they can.  I was there and she was there and she needed to acknowledge that. After she was finished, she went back to her bed, and laid down and looked at me in that loving way and with that cup of kindness, my cup of coffee later on, was only icing on the cake.