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FUND RAISING IDEA – GIFT CARD BALANCES – from Chris - from the Archives Aug 2009

I heard a story on NPR that might be a winner for us at the rescue. It concerns gift card balances. Gift cards are now a 30 billion dollar industry. Many gift cards are lost, or abandoned in drawers and even if used, the balances are abandoned in drawers. The retailers do not know what to do with the value so they have been asking and half the states have started unclaimed property funds for gift card balances. For example, New York did this and collected 6 million in gift card balances as of last year. In all they paid back $2000 in claims and the rest the state took for itself.

Now that is fine. Only half the states though have caught on so far… and besides maybe you would rather help the animals at Real Rescue than the states? If so, you can send us the gift cards as a donation-no money needed–just check those kitchen drawers! etc…. If you want I can send back a 501c3 tax receipt for the amounts on the cards, if yourequest it, but please just send us the old cards or unwanted gift cards! I think it is a winning idea, according to the state of New York anyway, and we can get in on the ground floor before a lot of other states.

Just send old gift cards that may have a balance on them to Real Rescue Inc and we’ll do the rest. Thanks. ~Chris

PO Box 358
Arcadia Ok, 73007

Ad on Craig’s list-

Gift Card Balances to the Rescue
“Got an old gift card with a too small balance in your drawer? Real Rescue Inc can cash these no matter how much is left on them. A forty four cent stamp multiplied many times can be a God send to the animals at this no kill shelter. Please consider it. States are collecting millions in gift card balances. Send your card where it can do the most good for stray and abandoned pets. Send them to RRI P.O. Box 358 Arcadia Ok 73007. And thank you.”