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JIMMIE AND CHARLIE – from Chris – from the Archives July 2009

The two new pups about six months old came from the El Reno shelter on a mass save that stopped about 40 euthanasias. The lady who asked us to get them out, placed the easiest 20 first, but these two pups, well, I do not know what they are, except happy little guys expecting love and friendship from the world, in spite of their mangy look. When they realized they would get fed and some attention with us, they calmed down and the mange cleared more on one than the other but I have my hopes up on both someday. At any rate, I single them out for another tale.


Their names are Jimmie and Charlie. And Jimmie must be the equivalent of a dog genius. Charlie puts him in his place any time he feels like it. And that seems to be more often these days. Jimmie tries to get in the dog house when he feels one of those outbursts coming on. But at feeding time the tables turn and it must be true that necessity is the mother of invention.

I first tried to feed them in their pen together. Charlie ran from bowl to bowl keeping Jimmie at bay. So I put Jimmie’s bowl out in the foyer. Charlie then ran from his bowl to Jimmie’s bowl out in the foyer so I shut the gate to keep Charlie in. When Jimmie saw the plan, he made his move the next night. I got the first scoop of food, which of course, had to go to Charlie. Jimmie bravely ran over to Charlie’s bowl to eat it. Charlie was appalled. How dare that little squirt be so brazenly brave under the circumstances. He ran over to claim his bowl of food! Right at the last minute when Jimmie had Charlie totally committed to the bowl, he bolted out the gate and over to where I had placed the food in the foyer the night before. And looked up at me. I quickly filled his bowl and immediately shut the gate between them. We do it regularly the same way every night now and it makes it all very easy on me. Thanks Jimmie for being so smart! ”