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ON PIGS AND GOATS AT THE RESCUE – from Chris – from the archives October 2009

We started rescuing the pot bellied pigs and goats from the shelter because no one else would. That meant that basically the City had little alternative except to end their lives and it is not easy to humanely end the life of a very large, fairly healthy, animal. Since we have filled our acre now with 22 pigs and goats, I wonder who has stepped in to take our place in all that. I hope someone does because they are an interesting group to rescue and care for. We have placed two goats and six pigs since we started in 2003 but we have to be very careful to find experienced people with forever homes who want goat and pig pets. It is nice to know they exist though.

One of the things I have noticed is that they are a strong group of animals to simply pass by. If they need something, they send out the strongest vibes on the farm from their pen. It always turns heads in their direction. It is a collective look at me. I think the relationship between barnyard animals and humans is so ancient and so universal that a secret network is on alert at all times for needs back and forth. One can almost feel if things are not going right in the pig and goat pen. Sometimes it is that they have run out of water if they have already been fed, or they need their bathing hole restock in the summer. There is one thing they like to do that is almost unexplainable. They love to run with a car or truck. Their acre is long and if you pass by in the field next to them in a pickup the whole group of pigs and goats take off like a bullet following the truck up the hill and then down again. Pigs are much faster than their bulk and stubby legs allow for, but if the goats catch up to one they simply leap over and keep their own pace. It is something you can tell that they are all truly enjoying. No matter what they are doing they will turn in mass toward the moving truck and take off like a massive bullet train. It gives me pause and a good laugh and I am glad they are alive to have that moment in time…. happy time. ~Chris