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It’s Finally Spring! by Chris Venters April 2015

Yes. It is Spring, and June 6, 2015 will mark Real Rescue’s 13th year at the 80 acre farm sanctuary near Arcadia, Oklahoma. We’ve learned so much in that time, and shared so much with two legged as well as four legged animals which could easily fill a 130 page book devoting 10 pages to each year. Looking back, it is understandable why people relish the onerous but wonderful time lines provided by diaries. 

During the week, I go to the farm sanctuary to work and check on everyone there, and now, it is still daylight. Been a long time, a winter’s time, since that has happened. It adds a weekend type festivity to the weekday air. 

The yard dogs are always glad to greet me as a carefully make my way up the drive, but I can see them now as they approach and no matter what kind of day I have had at the office, their wagging tails always cheer me up. “Look whose here, they seem to say in unison, and we are happy you are!”  I know there are skirmish among them at times, and some days the older dogs feel better in the bone than other days, but for that brief time, that wonderful time of greeting, all seems right with the world as it is. 

So it is with Spring. In that brief moment, that first realization of another Spring, another bloom making a whole tree pink, or orange, or white… well all seems right with the world one more time.

Now for the tarp and straw removal, the spring cleaning, the hoped for keeping of the ticks and fleas at bay, the renewed determination to fight for life, for less distress and dis-ease, and to experience the eternal springing of hope for a perfect home for every animal I greet!