Here are some frequently asked questions that we have been getting and some answers to clear things up:

Please refer to the Closing Real Rescue FB page for accurate info or the Petfinder page (not all animals listed yet). Their are older websites and Facebook pages that are unable to be updated with improper addresses, contact number and emails. We are working on getting photos posted to Petfinder.

Phone calls are unable to be handled right now.

Q: What animals do you have?

A: We have approximately 80 dogs (half of which are 10 years or older)(All are spayed or neutered except for about 3-4 that will will get done if they find a home), 40 cats (should be fixed), and 16 potbelly pig mixes (males are said to be neutered). Here is the link to our PetFinder page where you can see and read more about our individual animals. Volunteers are working diligently to list the rest of the animals. It takes time to get them all photographed and uploaded as this place did not have a active adoption program. https://www.petfinder.com/member/us/ok/arcadia/real-rescue-inc-ok81/

Q: Are the dogs housebroken, good with kids or cats?

A: Due to the fact the dogs are living in outdoor kennel runs this info is not known, majority are friendly and many are housed with another dog.

Q: Do you have any small dogs?

A: No, all of the dogs are in the medium (40+lbs) to large size range.

Q: How can I adopt an animal?

A: You can fill out an adoption application and we will get back to you with a scheduled date to meet the animals. Here's the link to the application: http://www.petangelsrescue.org/real-rescue/

Due to the fact the Placement Volunteer Team runs another Rescue, currently time is limited for meet up times. We are setting time frames on the weekend. Once things are more organized hopefully one of the caretaker that live on site can meet with possible adopters daily. The location has no internet and limited phone reception. We will notify you once you have the app submitted on a meeting time and address.

Q: Can we transfer animals into our non-profit?:

A: We would love for other rescue to take in some of the animals, most have very good social skills with humans. Body conditions are decent with most.

Q: Can I visit the property?

A: If you are interested in meeting a dog/cat/pig you MUST fill out an adoption application (posted above). We will let you know when you can visit. Since the caretakers do not have paperwork to send a animal out you may be turned away if you "just show up unannounced" . We have had people ask for the pot belly pigs for human consumption and other stupid things.

Q: What is the address?

A: To have a controllable situation, we provide applicants with a address and a time to come out. Once things are better organized we will set a regular visiting time. Right now it has to be by appointment

Q: Can I/someone buy the property or take over the rescue?

A: No. The land that Real Rescue is on simply needs to be cleared of animals over the coming months. It is privately owned and not for sale but has a uncertain future. It would be best to get the hundreds of animals on the land out of this situation and into homes as soon as possible, before resources run out.

Q: Can I volunteer to work on the property?

A: Although we appreciate the offer, we do not need volunteer help as there are caretakers who live on-site that are taking care of the animals.

Q: How do I donate?

A: Please send all donations to P.O. Box 57, Arcadia, OK 73007 . Any amounts are greatly appreciated.

Q: How can I spread the word about Real Rescue?

A: Share any of our posts on Facebook to get the word out about this situation. We appreciate all the support!

Q: I submitted my application, What now?

Please be patient! We do need to get these animals into homes but the news media released the story before we had a chance to organize anything. It is our responsibility to try to assure they are going into a better situation. There was no adoption contracts, or online applications or Pet Listings. We are working on locating Rabies vaccine records as well and The Placement Assistance Team has had no prior interaction with these animals till the end of June 2018, so our information is limited and there is no internet at the location for the caretakers to help with info.

If you have a question that was not answered in this post, please email us @ Closingrr@gmail.com

Thank You

Closing Real Rescue Relocation Team Volunteers

Nancy, Amanda or Dana