In Memorium

Just a few of the donations that have been made to Real Rescue Inc to honor people or animals in the lives of the donors - 


March 2015  A donation has been made in memory and honor of GARY EUGENE ROAT
to Real Rescue, Inc. from Mary Ann Aaron.  By the lives of the rescue animals helped, his memory lives on and on.


February 2015  A donation was recently made in honor of Mandy.

“Mandy had been abandoned and was living at the river. She found us just before a major ice storm and stayed with us for 14 years. We lost her this past year in April due to complications from a mass in her pancreas. She was beautiful inside and out, sweet, gentle and nurturing to other dogs. Mandy was Fella’s constant companion since we adopted him from the RRI farm in November 2009. She is missed by all who knew and loved her.”

Here is a photo of Fella and Mandy on the porch of their dog house that was seldom used. 

But they loved to sit together on the porch.

  Fella and Mandy

Fella and Mandy

Mr. Everett Chaffins
In memory of and in honor of Mr. Everett Chaffins, a donation was made to Real Rescue December 19th, 2013 with his sincerest condolences.
by Max Edgar, Ph.D. Oklahoma City OK

Anne Venters
"In Honor of our beloved daughter Anne Venters, we have made a contribution to Real Rescue on her birthday November 17th, because she loved and cared for animals so dearly all her life while she was alive."

Harry Edgar and Jack Edgar
"Today, November 16th, 2011, I gave a donation to Real Rescue Inc. to provide food for the animals this winter at the sanctuary, in Honor and Memory of my Father Harry Edgar who would be 110 years old today, and my Brother, Jack Edgar, who just departed this life on October 17th, 2011."

Jack Lee Edgar was born on October 3, 1936 and departed
this life on October 17, 2011.  Jack was born to Harry and
Alma Edgar and grew up in Lucien, Oklahoma.

Dorothy Ann Spence
"Mom (Dorothy Spence) loved the farm
and even in her last few months here would say
'Don, take me out to the farm', and dad would.
And we would have a cook out there.
She thought it was the most wonderful place."

Emily Tate Venters

Louise Buchanan

Harley E. Venters, Jr.

Anne E. Venters

Helen Troy
“In honor of the late Helen Troy,
co-Editor of the Oklahoma Observer,  I have made
a donation to Real Rescue Inc. to celebrate her
kindness and compassion.”
by Max Edgar, Ph.D. Oklahoma City OK

Terry Anderson
In honor of Terry Anderson,
beloved spouse of Kurt Anderson, professor at Oklahome State University
by John and Barbara Bado

Ms. Hartman
In loving memory of Ms. Hartman
by Mr. and Mrs. Robert  Mildfelt