CFC #62513

Our CFC number is # 62513.

A special note to all federal employees who may be ‘checking us out’ at this time….First, thank you all so much for last year’s contributions !!!  We are very appreciative, and due to your generosity we were able to help many lost, abandoned, and generally unwanted precious pets at Real Rescue.  Our rescue work depends on your continued support, and we hope that you will donate to us again this year.  There are many worthy causes, and we know it is hard to choose, but here are a few facts about Real Rescue.  We try to help any animal that we become aware needs help.  If someone calls, and we are not able to personally help them, we will give them suggestions and phone numbers of those who can help them.  We try especially to be of service to elderly people and elderly animals, both of whom are under served in our community.  Our rescue is also a life long sanctuary for animals that do not get a home.  We are a no-kill facility.  Thank you again for your help this past year, and we thank you in advance for your support !!! 

CFC Participant? Generous donations through the CFC program can become one of our major sources of funding. Our CFC number is # 62513. On behalf of the animals at Real Rescue Inc., sincere thanks to all the Federal employees who are helping the rescue and sanctuary by donating through this program! Please spread the word to anyone you know who is a Federal employee!