Thank You

Within the heart of every stray
Lies the singular desire to be loved.

From Real Rescue, Inc.,  February 2015

Again we thank everyone again that we thanked below, and more who have helped us.

We will get some updates soon, but a special huge thank you to Richard Rogers, Kasha Skinner and Mike Arnold!!! 

From Real Rescue, Inc.,  July 2014

Thank you to Martha and Ralph Thompson for your generous donation in honor of your friend Ruthie B. Moore!

From Real Rescue, Inc.,  July 2013

A big thank you to Dolese Concrete!  Dolese Concrete is donating 1250 square feet of concrete pavers to floor kennels!  Thank you so much!!  Your generous gift is so appreciated!


From Real Rescue,Inc, November 2011
Special 2011 Thanks

For Chad Deaton for coming almost every week for 8 years and doing all the hard things that need doing.
For Richard Rogers and Kyle Bailey for keeping the sanctuary animals thriving.
For Sheila Abernathy Wilson who keeps us legal and does all our tax accounting, and who I always turn to when I have a special need.
For Kitty Hayes who does dog food pickups at Belle Isle Walmart.
For loyal volunteers in general like JoAnna Gordy and her children, Vera and Jorgia, Tanya and her family, Rick for weekend feeding, and Juan who kept the place mowed this year, and for those that came maybe once or twice, whose names escape me right now,  but who did their part to help many animals live better.
For Dr. Leticia Touchstone and Dr. Kimberly Weiss for all they did to protect and prolong the lives of animals at Real Rescue Inc at much reduced rates or free of charge in some cases.

For individual donors, like Max Edgar, Harley and Anne Venters, Wanda Venters, Nancy Delong, Val Miller, Lucy Shields, Debbie Smith of Frontier Bank, Barbara Bates, David and Eileen Echols, and those employees whose gift at work is matched by Morgan Stanley investments.

For the financial aid from the Combined Federal Campaign and everyone who contributed through their federal employment payroll.
For the Lockhardt Foundation that provided us with our first indoor facility and helped us keep going with end of the year expenses.
For the Community Foundation that have an In Memorium Fund which contributes each year in honor of Nancy and Harley Venters.
For Ken Wert at General Materials, who provided over five loads of sand and gravel for the kennels.
For chain stores like Walmart and Crest which donate food weekly.
For Italinos which provides produce.
For large suppliers like Merrick Foods and Mars Inc that gave pallets of food.
For Fabrice de Villeneuve Studio that donated art works for sale.
For Psychoarts, Greg Feil for providing web space, and his wife Coertje for updating the website and helping with our Petfinder space.

There are so many ways people help and so many people that help every day. The A to Z store, for example, whose owner discounted his tarp price to help us better prepare for winter, so nice, and so spontaneous are such gifts.

And a special thanks for everyone who provided a home to a dog or cat, or fostered a dog or a cat up for adoption at RRI.

Thank you all, I bow – and wow to all of you in 2011!.  And our very best for a bright and successful 2012.

We are so very grateful to all the people and places who have donated funds, food, products, items and help over the years!   This is a just a partial list at this time.  These are just some of the people whose support has helped us keep Real Rescue Inc. going.

The person doing the website is a friend and insists on listing Dana and Chris first since they started the rescue,  and have kept it going thru the years and still keep it going thru much hard work, many hours, their money and their love and caring.

These are just a few of the people who have  donated, sponsored and/or supported us.



Dana Spence - Oklahoma
Christopher W. Venters – Oklahoma
Don Spence and the late Dorothy Ann Spence - Oklahoma
Mr. and Mrs. Harley E. Venters- Oklahoma
Wanda Venters - Colorado
Dr Shelly Venters Jacobs – Oklahoma

Kimberly Weiss, DVM, chiropractic vet, and Captain Benjamin Weisss – Oklahoma
Gail Acton, DVM – Oklahoma
Nicole Barr – Oklahoma
Richard Rogers – Oklahoma
Obe – Oklahoma

Chad Deaton- Oklahoma
Mr. and Mrs. Dentil Blankenship – Oklahoma
Genelda Peck and John Kelly - Oklahoma
Cory Toombs – Texas
Max Edgar - Oklahoma

Carole A. Wangurd, J.D.
Mrs Sue Ann Hamm
Ms Joanna Champlin and Mr Shawnee Britton
Mr James Pickel
Ms Teresa Rose

The Honorable Judge Lisa Hammond

Ms Rebecca McNeese, J.D.

Mr Jesse Alverez and Dr Barbara Voss-Alverez

Mr and Mrs Richard Corn

Mr and Mrs Peter Meiring

Mrs Olita McDonald

Dr and Mrs Michael Anderson

Mr and Mrs Carl Moss

Ms Nan K. Frates

Ms Cynthia Armstrong

Mr and Mrs Mike Jackson (in memory of Cassie and Toby Jackson)

Mrs Jerry Baird

Ms Marianne Trigg

Mr and Mrs Larry Phillips

Mr and Mrs Tim Cohn

Mr and Mrs Bill Kaiser

Mr and Mrs Greg Smith

Mr and Mrs Jack Belch
Lucy W.  Shields – Oklahoma
Gaylon Owens - Oklahoma

Some of the people who have also donated via our Facebook cause page at
and/or our Facebook Stray No More fan page at :

Larry Johnese – California
Toni Pettigrew – Oklahoma
Gina VanDusen – California
Angela Hunter – Ohio
Gayle Traut – California

Leda Jones- Utah
Nan Harbin – Tennessee
Janet Marbury – California
Starr Hergenrather – California
Chris Otahal – California

Erika R Tegman-
Susan Butner – Ohio
Shirley Ross – California

Friends of RRI – Seville, Ohio (including Ms. Olivia Butner!)
Mr. and Mrs.  Greg Feil – Medina, Ohio
Psychoarts – Medina, Ohio (who donated the webspace for the website for Real Rescue Inc. since August 2009, and whose wife Coertje is updating the website)

PetSmart locations in Oklahoma
Walmart locations in Oklahoma
Crest Foods locations in Oklahoma

NuVet Plus – Great nutritional product that Chris tested for 60 days,
and it completely regrew the hair on a E’or’s back where there had been mange!

You can order NuVet Plus directly from the manufacturer by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code: 79424 or online at
By using autoship you can save an additional 15%.

Shoo!tag – donated  Dog and Cat flea/tick solution packages for us to try.
Shoo!tag is a non-toxic, chemical-free “green” product to protect your dogs, cats, and horses from pests, eliminating the need to use toxic chemicals on your animals.

Stacey Lemire, Shoo!tag Retail Sales Manager   877-746-6512